Recognized by the crossed gold keys on our lapels, Les Clefs d’Or Concierges are a welcomed sight in many of the world’s best hotels.

Les Clefs d’Or USA is the only national association of professional hotel concierges, with desks in the lobbies of mostly 4- and 5-star hotels nationwide.

When travelers see the golden keys, they know they’re being assisted by an extraordinarily well-trained professional.  We have the skills, knowledge base, and contacts to open doors for both leisure and business travelers alike — from hidden local treasures to experiences in every corner of the world, you can count on us.

From simple dinner recommendations to creating unique and memorable experiences to helping travelers out of a jam, your Clefs d’Or concierge is ready to assist.   Our worldwide network ensures that there is nowhere we cannot reach or guest request we cannot deliver.  No one knows how to make anything possible for hotel guests better than a Les Clefs d’Or concierge.

Our suggestions are always based on first-hand knowledge and tailored to meet each guest’s unique needs.  And unlike tour desks at some hotels, our recommendations are never driven by incentives or commissions from outside sources.

Let Les Clefs d’Or USA Concierges craft a perfect and personalized itinerary that exceeds your expectations and turns ordinary hotel stays into extraordinary ones.



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Whether you’re a traveler, a guest in one of our hotels, a hotel or hospitality industry partner, a member, or even a concierge who dreams to become a member, you’ll find the answers to many of your questions on this website.

The greatest differentiator in the world of luxury travel is a Les Clefs d’Or concierge. There’s a reason why only a select number of concierges earn the right to wear the world-famous “crossed keys,” and that’s because we’re recognized as the very best at delivering outstanding service. Les Clefs d’Or guests enjoy the benefits of our endless creativity and incomparable devotion to making every moment memorable.

Today’s travelers need a Clefs d’Or concierge more than ever. It’s a new world, our cities and neighborhoods have changed more than we imagined possible, and who better to assist guests in navigating this new world than the concierges wearing the keys.

Working with Les Clefs d’Or concierges means experiencing the very best a city has to offer. Our members look forward to welcoming you to their hotels and taking care of you. So, whenever you see our golden keys, come say hello and let us show you that yes, anything is possible!

As our motto says…

In service through friendship,

Leigh Anne Dolecki
President, Les Clefs d’Or USA

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