Website Sponsorships

Our website sponsors have the unique opportunity to connect to, and engage with, Les Clefs d’Or members in amazing new ways, through email blasts, direct links to websites, updatable information, social media, videos and much more.

Plus, your company will appear on many pages throughout our website and will be seen not just by our members, but by travelers and hotel industry professionals as well.

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We Value our Partners

Our partners work with us to bring our guests the very best in convenience, service, memorable experiences and quality.

Partner With Us

Become a valued Les Clefs d’Or USA partner and grow your sales and service knowledge.
There’s never been a better time to partner with the world’s most recognized hotel service and hospitality brand, Les Clefs d’Or USA. We’ve created a number of great ways to bring added value to your brand – from our customized training programs that bring the highest level of memorable service to your team, to implementing national or hyper-local promotional programs that help you accelerate your marketing and sales activities. We work together with you, customizing our ideas to perfectly fit your needs.

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For Hotel Managers

Through our “Think Like An Owner” training program, we help our hotel partners find added revenue and the strongest connection to the concierge desk.
We’re always thinking of new ways to bring additional value and impact to your concierge desk through a higher level of connection, reporting and creativity. Our “Think Like An Owner” training program can strengthen reporting, revenue and bring memorable guest service to an even higher level. We’re on the front line of memorable service to your guests, and we’d love to share our ideas and programs with you.

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Les Clefs d’Or USA Training Programs

We offer customized training programs for companies to learn how to “Think Like A Concierge.”
Explore our customized training programs designed to help service and luxury companies create the highest level of memorable service to guests and clients. From e-learning platforms to sales and leadership conferences to market by market in-store training, we can show your company that when you “think like a concierge” you can create the most differentiated service in any competitive marketplace.

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Les Clefs d’Or Speakers

Bringing Les Clefs d’Or USA speakers to your meetings and conferences brings inspiration and information to your organization.
From New York to California, our concierge leaders are available to deliver inspirational and informational presentations for almost any industry where top-level service is mission critical. We work together with you to customize a message that fits your organization’s needs.

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