Les Clefs d'Or USA
Les Clefs d'Or

Les Clefs d’Or USA’s purpose is to promote, foster, enhance and improve the technical skills and professionalism of hotel concierges; to foster the development of the hotel industry and tourism in general; and to maintain the highest possible standards of service for hotel guests.

Concierges  who achieve Les Clefs d’Or status do so because they show a passion for learning.  Les Clefs d’Or concierges are set apart because they constantly seek personal growth and professional knowledge.

Our educational mission rests on four pillars:

  1. Continuing education for concierges and service professionals at annual national and international meetings
  2. Continuing education for concierges on the local level
  3. Educating students
  4. Educating the general public, government and industry


For more information:
Les Clefs d’Or USA, Ltd.
68 Laurie Avenue
Boston, MA  02132
Phone 617-469-KEYS; Fax 617-469-4397