Ethics and Professional Standards

All members agree to abide by these standards upon acceptance to Les Clefs d’Or USA. Additionally, they are required, once annually, to sign an oath that testifies to their continued adherence to our ethics model.
Personal Demeanor
  • Always maintain a professional appearance. Unless told otherwise, wear professional attire to all concierge-related functions. Always use proper grammar.
  • Stay poised and professional under all circumstances; remain polite, courteous and helpful. Honor all commitments to colleagues and others.
  • Never practice nor permit discrimination of any type.
  • Treat guests and colleagues respectfully at all times. Respond to emails and messages in a timely manner (72 hours).
Guest Relations
  • Respect and protect the identity and confidentiality of all guests.
  • Listen attentively to guests’ requests. Always offer to provide guests with written confirmations of their requests.
  • Return all correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Always thank guests if they remember you in some way. Send thank-you notes whenever possible.
  • Always maintain professional relationships with guests; address guests in a professional manner.
  • Tactfully decline illegal or unethical requests from guests.
  • Never promise guests results unless you are positive you can deliver.
  • Advise guests, in advance, of surcharges or service fees on tickets or other requests.
  • Always provide guests with detailed seat location information, including obstructions, when acquiring tickets for guests.
  • Inform guests of dress codes at restaurants.
  • Learn to evaluate guests by their preferences. What might be good for one guest may be unsuitable for another.
Vendor Relations
  • Treat vendors with respect, professionalism, and courtesy.
  • Always use reputable businesses and service organizations.
  • Pay all invoices promptly upon receipt.
  • Never double-book restaurants for guests.
  • Exercise objective and independent judgment in the evaluation of goods and services.
  • Do not accept commissions from restaurants or participate in incentive-driven competitions.
  • Never take advantage of restaurants that invite you for dinner by ordering the most expensive items on the menu or bringing uninvited guests. Tip your server at least 20% of the estimated bill.
  • When you’re invited to theatres, restaurants or other venues, remember that you’re an ambassador of your hotel and of Les Clefs d’Or.
  • Never accept goods or services from vendors for personal gain.
  • Always thank your host(s) before you depart and send a note of appreciation afterward.
Use of Social Media
  • Be aware of and abide by your hotel company’s policies when making personal statements about your hotel company, its subsidiaries and/or any affiliates via any form of electronic media including, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • If you receive inquiries from any member of the press or media regarding Les Clefs d’Or USA, refer the request to the President of Les Clefs d’Or USA.
  • Once you post something, it becomes public domain.Do not share information you would not want repeated or photos you would not want publicized. Maintain professionalism in all your posts.
  • Whether on company or personal time, never share information that is considered confidential to Les Clefs d’Or USA, including personal guest information or any company business of your employer.
  • Log into the UICH book of members quarterly to keep your profile current and active.
Public Relations
  • Always speak with your hotel’s Public Relations Director before speaking to the press. This includes vendor endorsements.
  • In the course of your personal statements or commentary to any media outlet, you may not present yourself as a representative of, or spokesperson for, Les Clefs d’Or USA, unless you have been authorized by the Board of Directors to do so.
  • The use or duplication of the trademarked Bucherer Keys, or the trademarked insignias of Les Clefs d’Or USA or UICH, is prohibited without advanced written consent from the Board of Directors.