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Les Clefs d'Or

Frederick Bigler, Chef Concierge, Peninsula New YorkThe crossed gold keys seen on concierges' lapels are the symbols of Les Clefs d’Or, the only international association of professional hotel concierges.

These golden keys mean you’re dealing with a seasoned professional, one who’s developed the skills and contacts to open doors for you around the world.  Considered local experts, your safety and pleasure is our primary concern.  With a reputation of being confidantes to the travelling public, Les Clefs d’Or concierges “look after” their guests like no others can.   Whether you have a simple request or a complex challenge, we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations. 

KeysUnlike outsourced tour desks, Les Clefs d’Or recommendations are never ad-based or incentive-driven.  Les Clefs d’Or concierges guide our guests, independently and impartially, to the choice that best meets their needs.


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