Les Clefs d'Or USA
Les Clefs d'Or

For New Applicants ...

To begin, please fill out the membership qualification form.  Once you are electronically qualified, an application access code will be sent to you via email.

When you are ready to submit your application, please upload the following seven pieces of documentation:

  1. Completed Application Form (5 pages)
  2. Two Sponsorship documents from current, full members of Les Clefs d’Or USA, dated within three months of the date on the application
  3. One letter of recommendation from your General Manager, also dated within three months of the date on the application
  4. Verification of employment letters on company letterhead from each qualifying position held with name, title(s) and exact dates worked
  5. A photo of your business card showing the “concierge” title
  6. A photo of you in uniform
  7. A photo of your work area showing the concierge sign

After assuring that the application is complete and in compliance with all qualifications, the Director of Membership will distribute the application to regional committees for processing.

Former Members Re-entering the Profession ...

If a member in good standing resigns from the concierge profession and re-enters it within a three-year time period, the applicant may, immediately upon re-employment as a concierge, submit an application to the Director of Membership for consideration of readmission to Les Clefs d’Or USA.

If more than three years have passed since the former member resigned from the concierge profession, the applicant must have returned to the concierge profession for a continuous six-month period prior to submitting a reapplication request.

To receive an application for readmission, please fill out the membership qualification form.  Once you've qualified, an application access code will be emailed to you.  Please follow the instructions, submit the completed readmission form and pay the application fee.  Your name will be sent to members for comment and your readmission application will be sent to the Board of Directors for consideration.


For more information:
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Boston, MA  02132
Phone 617-469-KEYS; Fax 617-469-4397