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At present, there are 36 local associations operating in the USA.  Each of these associations operates independently, and while some of their members might already be members of Les Clefs d’Or USA, there are many others who do not yet meet the time requirements or who have not yet applied.

Leadership Summits allow the presidents of these local concierge associations to convene annually.  The meetings give local association presidents the ability to discuss, compare/contrast, and improve on topics affecting associations on the local level (for example, membership issues, leadership issues, growth rates, community relations, vendor challenges, networking, etc.).

Individuals who attend these summits get to experience the power of shared information firsthand.  This cooperation and communication is one of the keys to Les Clefs d’Or USA’s success.

A city hosting a Leadership Summit will typically arrange for a 2- or 3-day format that includes:

  • Sharing their local city’s highlights
  • Arranging for motivational/educational speakers
  • Meeting/greeting key local contacts in tourism, dining, culture and entertainment
  • Brainstorming sessions to compare/contrast ways in which local associations operate
  • A cooperative forum where presidents can discuss particular challenges or issues their association may be facing

Though these summits were initially meant for presidents only, they have now evolved to include a fellow Board member who is being groomed for an eventual leadership role.


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