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Les Clefs d'Or


Les Clefs d’Or is the only international organization of hotel concierge professionals.  Carefully structured partnership programs with vendors allow us to provide preferred, top-quality service to our guests and to advance our educational mission of service excellence.

Vendor partnerships allow you to tap into a network of concierges who are all in the enviable position of being able to recommend your business, company, and/or product or service to millions of business and leisure travelers throughout the world.


The roster of Les Clefs d’Or USA boasts over 600 concierges, primarily from four and five-star hotels, throughout the United States.  On average, our members serve hotel guests occupying more than 250,000 hotel rooms nightly.


  • Increased annual sales
  • An ever-widening customer base
  • A strengthened brand image
  • A comprehensive marketing network
  • A possible launch pad to international sales and partnerships with other Les Clefs d’Or sections in other countries
  • Advertising and promotional displays in Les Clefs d’Or USA printed materials
  • Invitations to address the concierges at annual congresses
  • Gratitude and increased customer loyalty from the concierges


    For more information:

    Les Clefs d’Or USA, Ltd.
    68 Laurie Avenue
    Boston, MA  02132
    Phone 617-469-KEYS; Fax 617-469-4397