Les Clefs d'Or USA

About Us

Historical Perspective

There is an interesting etymology to the word concierge. One school of thought suggests that the Latin root is conservus, or fellow slave. Les Clefs d’Or members, however, prefer the Old French derivation that can be traced back to feudal times. The comte des cierges, or keeper of the candles, needed to know where all the functions in the palace would take place; as they were in charge of maintaining the candles for each event. Over time, the comte des cierges became the person in charge of catering to every whim and desire of a palace’s visiting nobility. Learn more »

Keys to Excellence

Our purpose is to foster the professional development of concierges in the hotel industry by promoting tourism and the highest standards of service for hotel guests. Learn more »

Concierge Characteristics

You can recognize Clefs d'Or concierges by the keys they display on the lapels of their uniforms. These crossed gold keys are more than just the symbol of the organization—they are the symbol of guaranteed, quality service. Learn more »

Educational Mission

The statutes of Les Clefs d’Or USA, Ltd, make clear the deep commitment to expand the training of those entering the profession and, in general, to promote, foster, enhance and improve the technical skills and professionalism of concierges; to foster the development of the hotel industry and tourism in general and to maintain the highest possible standards of service for hotel guests. Learn more »

Facts and Figures

Les Clefs d’Or (pronounced lay clay door), literally, means “keys of gold” in French. The crossed gold keys are the international symbol of the organization. The keys displayed on a concierge’s uniform lapels assure travelers they are dealing with a seasoned professional, one who is dedicated to serving the guests’ every need. Learn more »

Board of Directors

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Charitable Endeavors

Les Clefs d’Or Foundation is a tax-exempt, volunteer, nonprofit organization founded in 1990 to respond to the suffering of concierges and/or their significant others, affected by catastrophic or life-threatening illnesses. While it began as a USA entity, the Foundation today is a Pan-American effort combining and benefiting the UICH sections of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Learn more »